"Green School Education as a Promotion of Sustainable Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Resources"

Project strategy core is to bring together CBC communities as a first step towards new tourist product development on Montana district territory, named Green School Education /GSE/ according to Analysis preliminarily-developed and attached to AF. By PPs’ CBC cooperation and carrying out common actions GSE will be promoted to meet the needs - on the one hand the need for recreation, education or doing sport, and on the other hand the need for visitors to well-developed facilities, tourist attractions and unique natural and cultural heritage. Tourist Information Center - TIC /currently missing/ will be developed in Craiova to promote common tourist potential.

The integrated products GSE and TIC will satisfy the most effectively BG and RO needs and will overcome socio-cultural barriers for better exploitation the opportunities offered by the common development. It is exactly what Priority Axis 2 named “A Green Region” intends under SO 2.1: To improve the sustainable use of natural heritage and resources and cultural heritage. Officially in 2014, accommodations spent in BG North-West are 502229 totally, of which 56308 by foreigners. This indicator for BG is 21698391, of which 14077798 by foreigners, so only 2.3 % of all nights and only 0.4% of these spent by foreigners are in BG North-West. It is the reason why the project targets to develop entirely new tourist product on Montana district territory where the nights spend by foreigners are even at least. Among nights spent by foreigners in all districts of North-West /56308 totally/ Montana has only 4909, Vidin -10390, Vratsa-11 860, Lovech-14 108, Pleven-15041. On the other hand from 9408821 foreigners visiting BG the highest number of them are RO ones - 1439853 people.

The development and promotion on CBC territory of GSE and TIC as integrated tourist products /both promoting common tourist potential/ is intended as a coherent and effective response to the needs, obstacles and weaknesses identified in Montana and Dolj and aims to be the engine of their CBC socio-economic sustainable development.