Teachers Forum

Teachers Forum

Forever for Europe Association together with Association Center for Development Montanesium, organized in period 04 July – 07 July 2017, Teachers Forum in Dolj and Montana. The event occurred trough the project ” Green School Education as a Promotion of Sustainable Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Resources ” , project code :

The role of the Forum was to promote Green School Education concept and touristic and cultural objectives of Dolj and Montana and to consult the participating teachers about identifying other opportunities to involve educational institutions from Dolj and Montana to replicate the Green  School Education program in order to increase the tourism in the two regions. It was addressed to a number of 80 teachers, 40 Romanians and 40 from Bulgaria . 

After consulting the teachers from Montana and Dolj there were identified 6 new education institutions as destinations for replicating the Green School Education program: 

For Montana:

1.     Berkovitsa

2.     Montana

3.     Chiprovtsi

For Dolj :

1.     Calafat

2.     Dabuleni 

3.     Cetate

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