The fifth meeting of the project team in Craiova

The fifth meeting of the project team in Craiova

Between 27th -28th of April 2017 took place the fifth team meeting of the project ” Green School Education as a Promotion of Sustainable Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Resources ” in Craiova, Royal Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to review the activities  occurred as well as establish the ones to come in order to achieve the objectives and indicators. 

7 persons attended the meeting (3 Members of Association Center for Development Montanesium, Bulgaria, 3 members of Forever For Europe Association, Romania,  and 1 translator ro-bg)

The main topic  of the meeting was the second edition of Green School.The discussions were about the feedback of the participants.

At the meeting was also debated the Teachers Forum, which will take place in July in Craiova. So, there were established general aspects for organization, general aspects regarding participant selection or activities organizing. Also, there were discussions regarding the elaboration of the promotional catalogue: structure ant content and the release of upcoming reimbursements and progress reports.  

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