The first “Green School” in Varshet

The first “Green School” in Varshet

The first training course session of “Green School Education ” ended successfully. 

The first 100 children ( both Romanians and Bulgarians) have participated at Green School that occurred in Varshets city from Montana region (Bulgaria).

Between 28th November and 3rd  December children and teachers from the two countries were informed about 10 natural and 10 cultural touristic objectives from Dolj county and Montana region. The 4 speakers from Romania and Bulgaria told them about the beauties of the two regions through PowerPoint presentations and movies made within the project. But Green School meant much more than that… all, slightly over 120 participants visited touristic objectives of Varshet and Berkovita cities (museums, historical buildings, gardens and parks etc) , as well as Klisursky monastery, located nearby Varshets. They’ve also participated at sports at ice skating rink in Varshets or city Sports Hall , as well as recreational activities at SPA Hotel ATA. 

Every evening, the children were “provoked ” to multiple competitions such as: Talent show, The most bizarre faces, the most beautiful face painting. But, the most appreciated contest was the Photography contest. During the week, the children took photos of moments, places, landscapes, details etc. The competition was between the schools, and it ended up with awards for the best three photographs from each country.  Time spent together created friendships, relationships between schools and it also created the premises for new projects. All the participants, all together, expressed their desire to take part at other actions of “Green School Education” and also any other kind of similar projects. 

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